Creator of Opportunities

Kathryn founded Pink Duck Publishing in early 2018. Originally from the U.K., Kathryn has a background in financial services. A self-confessed maths geek and shopaholic, Kathryn often prefers to take a back seat on the day-to-day running of the business and instead leave it to her talented team of industry experts. This leaves Kathryn free to focus on the bigger picture; how to grow the company into Cayman's premier publishing company while also searching out the right people to make it happen.
email: kathryn@pinkduck.ky
call: +1345 936-2205



Director of Ink Magic

Joanna doesn’t take herself too seriously. Thankfully, she does take great content seriously, which is why we hired her to lead our editorial team as director of ink magic. Joanna has oversight of our published content, both in print and digital, as well as our corporate communications. A lover of print media, Joanna was instrumental in bringing our three new magazine titles to life, which continue to be her key area of responsibility.  


Joanna holds a degree in journalism from the University of Sheffield, U.K., and has worked in Cayman’s media for more than 14 years as a journalist, features writer, and magazine and newspaper editor. She has worked on, developed, and launched some of Cayman’s most popular and high-profile publications.



Master of Storytelling

Got a question about Cayman you need answering? Ian is your go-to man. As Pink Duck Publishing's writer and researcher - and a Caymanian who knows the island like the back of his hand - Ian is tasked with researching everything Cayman has to offer whilst also assisting the editorial team with producing copy that sparkles. 
Ian grew up in Cayman and Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a degree in editing, writing, and media, and is excited to put his skills to use as part of the Pink Duck Team. 
A keen diver, when not at work, Ian can be found below the waves exploring Cayman's stunning marine life.
email: ian@pinkduck.ky
call: +1345 936-2200