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Conscious Café offers clean eats

By Ian Swaby

This month, Cayman took a new step forward in the eyes of mindful diners when Conscious Café opened its doors.

Located in the Art Nest Creative Community Studio, opposite the Airport Post Office, George Town, Conscious Café offers a convivial atmosphere coupled with responsibly sourced clean-living fare.

The Pink Duck Publishing cast of creatives recently enjoyed a preview of some of the dishes on offer, enjoying a selection of some of the islands’ most carefully sourced plates laid out for tasting, including vegan sushi, organic sourdough bread, pickled local white radish, kimchi, house hummus, local egg muffins, vegetarian sushi with walnut rice, and a decadent triple chocolate cake.

Britta Bush, the mind behind the café and its recipes, understands the importance of a strong community presence. Since 2013, she has operated Saucha Conscious Living, Conscious Café’s parent company. Originally a kombucha delivery service, Saucha has grown into an established cooking and catering service before finally taking the bold new step of opening a café. Customers will find many of Saucha’s signature meal deliveries on the menu.

The café, a partnership between Saucha Conscious Living and Art Nest, brings these two companies together into one room. While it may seem a surprising combination, the restaurant seems to organically fit the space, offering attendees of nearby classes a snug spot to catch a pleasant meal after a contemplative art session.

On the menu diners can enjoy a delicious selection of locally inspired good-for-you dishes, including soups, seasonal salads, smoothie bowls, chia pudding, and daily specials, alongside kombucha on tap and mouthwatering vegan desserts. Popular menu items include tacos, mac n cheese, and the pesto sourdough open face sandwich.

“Our goal with Conscious Café is to have a space to make our products more accessible and help people find us,” explains Britta. She also describes the café as a personal rebellion against the for-profit food industry, adding, “we’ve lost all nutrients in the soil, in our food.”

Britta and her team truly care about what goes into each dish, hand selecting every ingredient. All items used are organic and non-GMO – but the café is about more than just recognising what we put into our bodies. It’s also about where food comes from, including how and where it’s farmed. Indeed, wherever possible they source from local farmers.

“There is a story to each ingredient we choose to put in our body,” Britta says. “The concept of conscious eating is not only an awareness of consuming nourishing and healing foods, but also knowing the story of each ingredient, and in the most ideal situation, having a relationship with the grower.

“We hand select the ingredients with the same care you would to feed yourself or your loved ones. We have a deep commitment to local and quality, that we are proud to offer to the costumer at a reasonable price.”

According to Britta, the menu is “95 percent percent vegan.” She describes the café’s menu as the “reverse” of a typical restaurant menu, dominated by animal products and starchy foods, with few options for those who prefer healthier eating. When the café’s menu does feature meat, it’s sustainably sourced from local farms.

Unique to Conscious Café is a focus on fermented items, which is reflected in their motto; peace, love, and fermentation. Whether through kombucha, kimchi, sourdough bread, or okra and other pickled vegetables, Britta makes sure that visitors always have the options they need to maintain a healthy gut.

Rest assured that there is no menu item for which the source has not been considered. Conscious Café offers local tea from Tea Time Cayman, as well as from Café Femenino, an organisation dedicated to ending poverty affecting female coffee farmers around the globe.

Visitors can expect a changing menu featuring a constant turnout of outstanding plates. With Britta bringing her prior experience to the helm, offerings are guaranteed to be delicious.

“By us being more accessible, the whole community is eating healthier,” Britta adds.

To find out more call 769-0508, email, or visit the café located opposite the Airport Post Office, Industrial Park, George Town.

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