Foster’s Camana Bay location now open

Foster’s opened the doors to its new 60,000-foot store in Camana Bay on Oct. 31, with shoppers coming from across the island to explore expanded aisles and a sleek modern design.

The recently rebranded store merges former locations Foster’s The Strand and Bay Market, bringing together products familiar and new alongside a vast array of stations and services, in an experience that the supermarket believes will change the concept of grocery shopping in Cayman.

“Today is incredible for us – for us as a company, for us as a brand,” said marketing manager Julian Foster. “We rebranded Foster’s a few weeks ago at the beginning of September, and we each transitioned from almost 39 years of history, and we’ve wrapped all of that history and who we are now and where we are going into this amazing rebrand that we’ve had such incredible feedback on.”

Focus on wellness

Among the changes is a renewed focus on healthy and vegan offerings, although guests will also find the same products, which according to a store press release, remain at the original prices.

“We have a lot of new products in here, and we have a new focus on organic and natural and specialty products,” said Julian. “We are confident that people can find what they are looking for, plus all the things they didn’t really know that they needed, and all the things that they didn’t really know that they wanted. It’s all here.”

The new store offers a meats section with in-house dry-aged beef, an expanded Fromagerie using a cheese humidifier to ensure the best quality, fresh seafood on ice, and pre-cut bulk vegetables. As with The Strand location, the store contains a pharmacy and money transfer services.

However, one of the stand-out new features is the Bay Market Café, a nifty location with more than 14 food destinations and 300 menu items, served daily from 7 am to 11 pm. Visitors can also take advantage of indoor seating or catch the breeze in the outdoor picnic area among the trees and foliage.

The variety of stations offered at the café is truly outstanding. Shoppers will find sandwiches, pizza, sushi, soups, a grill bar, an Asian wok and teppanyaki grill, a salad bar, gourmet foods, and many more hot and cold unpackaged foods, as well as a coffee and juice bar.

Improved services and access

The shopping experience itself isn’t the only enhancement. Visitors will also find improved access through an expanded parking area of more than 400 spaces which also includes three electric vehicle charging stations. The store has lowered its carbon footprint with features such a solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and improved insulation.

“We’ve created an environment that’s really easy to shop in but also embodies who we are as a company and as a family,” Julian said. “We welcome all of our customers with open arms and we treat everybody like family, and this is a space that people can feel that in, and it’s really great to finally have the doors open so the customers can come and experience shopping at Foster’s.”