Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Cayman

By Matthew Rollinson

In researching to write this blog, I reasoned as many writers do, that a good starting point was to google ‘Valentine’s Day’, go to Wikipedia, and get some background on the history of this special day. It was to my amusement, therefore, that very shortly into the page, I lighted on this quote: “There are numerous martyrdom stories associated with various Valentines connected to February 14…” Being married, I couldn’t help but chuckle!

You might view Valentine’s Day as a beautiful, romantic time of the year when love’s soliloquy allows a pause from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife and permits that person closest to your heart to resonate within you and give space for you to recognise them as being central to your life and happiness.

You may, on the other hand, think it a day when capitalist expediency leads minions by their noses to the trough of conspicuous consumerism and obligated missives of love devoid of spontaneity.

Nonetheless, what is clear is that whatever your outlook, there is an excuse readily at hand to enjoy oneself, partake in merriment, and doubtless enjoy many a libation!

Below are some things you might like to consider doing on Valentine’s Day this year.

For couples

Enjoy a sumptuous meal

Well done! You managed to convince someone that you might be the one. It is only a matter of time now before you both let yourselves go, shower irregularly, and put on 300 lbs. What better day to start the ball rolling with that weight gain? Cayman has no shortage of restaurants with beautiful locations where you can take in a romantic vista as you surreptitiously loosen your belt a notch or two. Grand Old House, Catch, Tukka, Agua, La Vele, the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, and The Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, among many others, provide views of the water, which will be the only substance capable of bearing your weight in a year or two.

On a budget? Treat your loved one to a picnic on the beach

So, you are broke? That means that either your partner loves you irrespective of your economic state, at least until someone just as good as you come along but with the added benefit of two cents to rub together, or, they are so desperate, you are simply the best that they could do. Fear not, the beach and its views are free. Borrow a BBQ and a fishing rod, catch your own fish for that added romantic (free) gesture and remember; this is the land of Caymankind – you should have no problem thumbing a lift there and back.

Push the boat out with a spectacular helicopter ride

If your heart leaps 10-feet whenever you set eyes on your loved one, then why not go the whole hog and take to the clear blue skies with Cayman Island Helicopters? Jerome, the owner and pilot, is French. He has a thousand lines he can lend you to further beguile the apple of your eye. If they suffer from vertigo, all the better, it will mean they will have to cling to you all the tighter!

For singles

Have a singles party or download a dating app

You may normally spend your nights pining at the moon and weeping in your solitude, but it needn’t stay that way. How about attending or holding a singles party? If you download a dating app, you may only be a swipe away from loves warm embrace. The day can be used not simply to celebrate love extant, but to sow the seeds of its beginning. This year’s Valentine’s Day could set the road for all your Valentine’s Days to come.

Observe couples

It’s 2020, most people go out to restaurants and sit and look at their phones, occasionally raising their heads to tell their partner what they are reading. Whilst you drink and laugh with amusing friends and tell wildly interesting anecdotes about how your last chat-up line failed, gaze at the couples and ask if you really are missing anything important?

Buy yourself a gift

Aggregate the cost of a card that you would otherwise have to buy, the cost of a meal for two, and the price of a gift – then go out and buy yourself something to ease the pain of your impending lonely death!