Yoga session promises to be unBULLievable

By Joanna Lewis

The Pink Duck Publishing team are gearing up to roll out their matts for an unBULLieavble yoga session to help Magnus the bull.

Magnus was destined for slaughter last year, but his luck changed when animal lover Juliette Heath-Ebanks stepped in and raised sufficient funds to buy Magnus. Now, she is hosting a yoga event to raise money to help with the bull’s daily upkeep.

The bulltastic yoga event will be held on Saturday, 28 July on the oceanfront deck at the White House, Bodden Town. The event is slated to run from 10-11 a.m. and will be led by yoga instructor Larissa Clarke.

“The setting on the White House ocean front deck will make it an incredible experience for all those attending not to mention feeling great for the day and helping a fantastic cause at the same time,” Juliette explains.

The animal activist says she first fell in love with Magnus when he was tied up close to her home.

“I would hear him crying out and decided to check if he needed anything and we formed a bond,” Juliette says. “He has such a gentle spirit and as I do not eat meat I could not bear the thought of him ending up on someone’s plate so promised him I would save him.

“I started a page on Facebook which was picked up by local newspaper The Cayman Reporter which ran a front-page story. We had to raise $5,000 to buy him off his owners. We had some incredibly generous donations and really touching ones especially from a young girl who raised funds to help and even came to meet Magnus.”

Magnus is temporarily being housed at local farm Charlito’s Greenhouse where he is being cared for by farmer Andre Goodin. The gentle giant has been offered a permanent home at animal shelter Rowdy Girl Sanctuary in Texas, U.S., however Juliette says the plan has temporarily been put on hold following a litany of “red tape.”

“We will not give up trying,” Juliette says. “In the meantime, we are looking at two possible options here in Cayman and are hoping to move Magnus in the next month or so. We may have to pay additional costs to the owner of the place he is going to for water and expenses. It has been challenging finding him a suitable home but where there is a will there is a way and we are determined he will have his happily ever after.”

To sign up for the yoga event and help with Magnus’s ongoing care, email or Alternatively call 326-4808, or 324-9014.